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Camping Youpendi

Whether you’re with family or friends, the Green Ardèche offers a wide range of sporting activities. You can go boating with the Compagnie des canotiers in Tournon sur Rhône, pedal along the Viarhona, an 815km cycling route, or go go-karting in La Roche de Glun.

By boat – Compagnie des canotiers
3.5km from the campsite

Port de Tounon – 07300 Tournon sur Rhône

The Compagnie des Canotiers offers a range of walks and cruises on the Rhône. 45-minute daytime cruises, evening “aperitif on the water” cruises, gourmet cruises with dinner.

For sporty types, combined cruises with paddle or bike rides…

By bike – La Viarhôna

This 815km cycle route from Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Camargue passes through Tournon Sur Rhône and offers a beautiful cycle path along the Rhône.

From Tournon Sur Rhône, 1 route of 11km round trip will take you to Lac des Pierrelles in Mauves.

Another 20km round trip takes you to the Bassin des Musards at La Roche de Glun.

Go-karting – Driv’kart
14.5km from the campsite

3475, Route de Valence – 26600 La Roche de Glun

If you’re in the mood for a thrill, the La Roche De Glun karting circuit welcomes you to a 650m-long, 8m-wide track where you can drive 270cm3 karts.