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Gourmet activities near
Camping Youpendi

Discover the local produce and gastronomy of the Ardèche region at the “Cité du Chocolat ValRhôna”, the “Pognes Pascalis”, the “Maison M. Chapoutier”, the “Ferme du Châtaignier”, the “légumes des Iles Féray” and the Fromagerie de Colombier-le-Vieux. Adults can discover local wines and products at the “Cave de Tain”, the “Petit Train des Vignes”, the “Brasserie Artisanale Free Mousse” and the “Distillerie Jean Gauthier”. At the various Ardèche Verte markets, you’ll be able to savour all the specialities of the region.

Musee de la Pogne Pascalis
27km from the campsite

86, Grand ‘rue Jean Jaurès – 26300 Bourg-de-Péage

The pogne de Romans, the gastronomic emblem of the Drome region, will make you succumb.

Maison Pascalis, a century-old bakery that has been in business for 5 generations, welcomes you to its museum to discover the secrets behind the making of this famous soft brioche with its delicate orange blossom fragrance.

The program includes:

  • Film screening
  • Tour of the working bakery
  • Tasting

The 4 stores:

  • Bourg de péage – 86, grand’Rue jean jaurès – 26300 Bourg de péage
  • Romans-Sur-Isère – 1, Avenue Victor Hugo – 26100 Romans-Sur-Isère
  • Tain l’Hermitage – 25, Avenue du Président Roosevelt – 26600 Tain l’Hermitage
  • Valence – 35, Rue Madier – 26000 Valence

La cité du chocolat Valrhona
4.6km from the campsite

12, Avenue du président Roosevelt – 26600 Tain l’Hermitage

The Cité du Chocolat opens its doors to you for an unmissable gourmet tour. A fun, interactive tour dotted with tastings will help you discover all the secrets of chocolate.

After your visit, don’t forget to stop by the Valrhona boutique to treat yourself or your loved ones.

The vineyards

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a simple bon vivant, you’ll find an incredible wine heritage around the campsite. Passionate winegrowers will show you around their cellars and vineyards with tours and tastings of prestigious crus such as: Saint joseph, Crozes Hermitage, Hermitage…

Visits and tastings are possible at La Cave de Tain, Maison Delas, Maison M. Chapoutier…

Chataignier farm
25km from the campsite

700, Chemin du Roux – 07270 Lamastre

If you love chestnuts, you’ll love La Ferme du Châtaignier.

After a guided tour of the chestnut grove and processing workshop, you can taste and buy their specialities: glazed chestnuts, candied chestnuts, chestnut cream…